Fusion Coated Polyvinyl Insulators


Model M-6-FCV, M-8-FCV and M-12-FCV casing insulators are made of 14 gauge steel, with 10 mil vinyl coating. The runners are abrasion resistant, and are attached mechanically with bolts. The bolt heads are TIG welded to the band. The extra heavy duty vinyl liner assures double insulation. Skids are available in both polyethylene and phenolic. 


Band Gauge 14Band Width 6, 8 and 12 inch
Band Coated Carbon SteelBolts, Nuts & Washers cadmium plated or stainless steel
Insulating Liner PVC or EPDMRunners 1.25
Runner Tensile Strength 17,400 psi (LDPE)
22,000 psi (HDPE)
Runner Flexural Strength 25,000 psi (LDPE)
32,000 psi (HDPE)
Runner Compressive Strength 17,800 psi (LDPE)
25,000 psi (HDPE)
Risers 10 guage steel on risers when used




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