Model PX Insulators


MODEL PX injection molded plastic casing insulators are ideal to keep carrier pipe isolated from casing. This model is manufactured from polyethylene, which provides high impact strength and a low co-efficient of friction. Non-deteriorating polyethylene lasts indefinitely inside the casing. Excellent dielectric resistance and low moisture absorption for minimal electric current loss and no impairment of cathodic protection. The only metal is the hardware. A grooved inner surface prevents slippage and damage to any coating the pipe may have. Model PX insulators are light in weight, economical, easy to handle, and easy to install. No special tools are needed. 


Tensile Strength 3100 - 5500 psi
ASTM D-638-651
Density 0.960
Appearance Translucent WhiteCompressive Strength 3200 psi
ASTM D-693
Yield Strength 3000 psi
ASTM D-638
Break Strength 2100 psi
ASTM D-638
Water Absorption <0.1%
ASTM D-570
Impact Strength 1.1 ft. lb/in.
ASTM D-256
Flexural strength 1110 psi
ASTM D-790




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