Manhole Adapter Seals

Concrete Manhole Adapter Seals (WATERSTOPS) (CMA) help eliminate leaks around pipe entering manhole walls, yet are flexible enough to permit pipe movement without destroying seal integrity. It is particularly useful for pipe to which concrete will not adhere, such as plastic pipe. The CMA, made of elastomeric plastic, is corrosion proof and is unaffected by acid or alkali. However, the CMA is subject to many various conditions beyond the manufacturer’s control, and its effectiveness as a seal is directly related to the quality of the grout, workmanship and field conditions under which it is installed.

Catalog No.Pipe Size
CAL 22″
CAL 2.52.5″
CAL 33″
CAL 44″
CAL 55″
CAL 66″
CAL 88″
CAL 1010″
CAL 1212″
CAL 1414″
CAL 1515″
CAL 1616″
CAL 1818″
CAL 2020″
CAL 2222″
CAL 2424″
CAL 2727″
CAL 3030″
CAL 3636″
CAL 4848″
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